Celebrating Arbor Day

Celebrating Arbor Day

April 15, 2022

National Arbor Day is quickly approaching, and there are so many ways to recognize and celebrate the 150th anniversary of this environmentally-conscious holiday. Mark your calendars for Arbor Day on April 29th this year, and whether you plan on planting a tree in your front yard or simply practicing more eco-aware habits—celebrating Arbor Day counts greatly towards your contribution to a healthier environment. At Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow, Arbor Day means a lot to us and our mission, as there’s nothing we value more than the conservation of trees and awareness about their importance on our planet. Read on to find out more about Arbor Day and how you can celebrate on April 29th. 

What is Arbor Day?

America’s first Arbor Day took place at the beginning of the 1870s, right around the time that Congress first established Yellowstone National Park. Although Arbor Day has been celebrated for 150 years now, its relevance today is just as strong—if not stronger—than it was back then. As a planet, we cut down more than 15 billion trees each year. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that humans—more specifically, the corporations and industries they manage—have converted 420 million hectares of forested land for other uses since 1990. 

The unfortunate destruction and long-term damage that deforestation has on the environment harms our planet, diminishes our wildlife, and can even hinder the health of the human species. Trees are key contributors to a healthy atmosphere and the well-being of our environment, and Arbor Day is a special day that is dedicated to honoring the value of trees and practicing eco-friendly habits through planting and conserving trees. Whether you’re a loyal celebrator of Arbor Day, or if this is your first time hearing about it, it’s important to continue to spread awareness and participate in green habits to move towards a healthier planet.

Ways to celebrate

There’s no better way to celebrate Arbor Day than planting a tree, whether it be in your front yard, back yard, garden or wherever it’s allowed in nearby communities and areas. Different types of trees can add immense scenic value to your landscape, and it provides one step closer to a healthier environment—plus, spring is the perfect time to plant a new tree. If you need some pro tips for planting a tree in your yard, do some research on what types of trees would be ideal for you and the best way to plant them. Your city or community may be hosting a tree planting event, so be sure to check out the things going on around you on April 29th—or add your own event to gather communities together to plant trees on Arbor Day. 

Even if you don’t plant a tree for Arbor Day, you can still honor the day by educating yourself and others on the importance of trees and the conservation of them. Make posters, talk about it with your friends, teach your children about the importance of taking care of our nature, and do your research on why trees are so essential to our lives. You can go a step further by seeking out brands with sustainable business practices, and by adopting strong composting and recycling habits. Additionally, Arbor Day is a great time to recognize tree conservation organizations like Ben & Annie’s by donating or spreading awareness about our mission. 

Saving the environment

One tree is one step closer to a healthier and happier planet, and Arbor Day is the perfect time to contribute to the cause. Whether you’re just now learning about Arbor Day and the crucial significance of trees, or if you’ve been an advocate for years—-taking the initiative now is what matters, and there’s no doubt that planting more trees and conserving them will lead us to an overall better environment. Celebrate this National Arbor Day by honoring our trees and doing your part in whatever way possible, and by supporting the mission of Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow. For any questions, concerns or inquiries, please feel free to give us a call at (210) 670-5297 or contact us online at any time—and have a great time celebrating Arbor Day!