The Importance of Giving Back

The Importance of Giving Back

The Importance of Giving Back. Ben & Annie's Trees for Tomorrow volunteer work.

January 17, 2023

At Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow, we began this company with the idea to focus our efforts on finding ways to minimize the impact that construction work had on trees and the surrounding landscape of the neighborhoods being built in. From early on, we have been dedicated to promoting sustainable development, clean air and vibrant public spaces throughout the region we love. 

Through the hard work of our dedicated team and partners, we have been able to continue this vision and grow even further as we expand our educational pursuits throughout the country. While the work of our team and the incredible partnerships we’ve been able to cultivate along the way have been instrumental in our success, the donations we have also received from countless individuals allows us to continue our work even more as we get further into 2023.   

Why our mission matters

Driven by a passion for creating beautiful homes in the Texas Hill Country, our founder, Bryan Mendenhall created Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow in order to address the challenge of building new homes without displacing the existing trees throughout the area. Our team works to reverse the damage by planting more trees in the communities where our partners at Weston Dean Custom Homes build and collaborating with other builders and developers to do the same. 

Our mission is to not only replant trees disrupted during the homebuilding process, though, but also to contribute to local conservation efforts by creating new parks and greenspaces throughout our community and by educating the public on the long-term benefits of the growth and production of trees. We take pride in sharing our knowledge with our community on matters such as the significance of planting trees in urban areas, the ways we can reduce our environmental impact and a variety of proper tree care tips throughout every season. Through our efforts and the connections we make, we remain especially optimistic about where the future is headed. 

How you can help 

Trees play a vital role in maintaining the health of the planet by providing oxygen, supporting biodiversity, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in order to help combat climate change and helping to reduce the effects of air pollution. Trees also provide important ecological services, such as protecting soil and water resources, supporting wildlife and providing food and medicine—so by supporting our work at Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow, you can help ensure that future generations have access to all of these benefits. As a non-profit organization, all donations we receive will go directly back to conservation and education efforts in Central Texas, so by making a one-time donation today or signing up to give monthly—you’re not just supporting the environment, you’re also investing in a sustainable future for all of us. 

At Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow, we welcome builders, developers, contractors, landscapers and all community members to join in our mission and help make Central Texas a greener and safer place for all residents. If you’d like to learn more about what we do at Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow and the ways that you can help—give us a call at (210) 670-5297 or fill out our online form today.