Tips on How to Landscape for Your Home Style

Tips on How to Landscape for Your Home Style

June 3, 2022

At Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow, we understand the importance of landscaping your yard to match your home style. Savvy landscaping can enhance and elevate your home, presenting it in its finest light while contributing to a healthier environment through gorgeous greenery, colorful plants, glorious trees and more. Continue reading to find a few tips for landscaping to fit various house styles and settings.

Elevate your craftsman-style home

Known for its built-in cabinets, exposed beams and cozy front porches—the craftsman-style home depends on handmade authenticity and naturalistic design. To elevate this style of home to the next level, choose simple plants with a natural form for your landscape—such as fountain grass or sage. You want to mimic the structural layers of the house when planning out your garden, and using different heights of plants to lead the eye toward the doorway is a great way to do so. For a warm and inviting landscape, add a garden bed filled with your favorite plants, trees and flowers on each side of the home to accentuate the naturalistic look—from Mexican orange blossom to oakleaf hydrangea and everything in between. 

Add minimalistic plants to your modern home

Modern and contemporary home styles place a strong emphasis on clean, straight lines and geometric angles—so it only makes sense that your landscape should convey the same look. To keep the landscape as minimalistic as the home, try to stick with one or two types of plants for the entire modern landscape design plan. Japanese boxwoods, bamboo, foxtail ferns and mountain laurel are popular choices for easy-to-maintain plants for modern landscapes—and they emphasize straight lines while providing the perfect amount of lush green for the ultimate contemporary look. 

Accentuate the nature around your Mediterranean home

Popular in Texas, California and Florida—a Mediterranean-style home is already captivating to the eye by itself, so it’s important for your landscape to enhance your home, not compete with it. Since earth tones are prevalent in Mediterranean color schemes, you'll see a lot of browns, grays and golds in their design—so a little pop of color, especially green, makes for a great addition to a Mediterranean home landscape. Groups of palm trees provide a frame for the house, and adding drought-tolerant plants alongside gorgeous stonework in your yard can create a timeless, defining look for your Mediterranean home landscape. 

Increase the curb appeal of your ranch-style home

A landscaping tip for the popular single-level, ranch-style house is to use plants to compliment the exterior and give your home a new, seasonal look. Sheared hedges by themselves can look dull or unfinished, but add some mounded and pyramidal shapes—and you’ve achieved a total revamp. With its horizontal layout, ranch homes need smaller plants to match, and larger foundation plants and trees can be used on either side of windows and near house corners to draw the eye in. Emphasize the front door with medium-sized planters on either side, and these evergreens will look good all year long. Potted annuals and bedding plants make for a great addition, and the seasonal color from azaleas provides a welcome change.

Embrace the beauty of the outdoors

No matter which style of home you own, there are endless ways to enhance the scenic value of your home through lush landscaping with gorgeous plants, trees and flowers. At Ben & Annies, we make it our mission to spread knowledge and awareness about the crucial importance of trees and plants—and we believe in making our planet happier and healthier, one plant at a time. When you add greenery to your landscape, you’re not only elevating your home exterior and embracing the beauty of the outdoors—you’re also contributing to an overall healthier environment, and the value of that is beyond comparison. 

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