Our Top Landscaping Tips for the Fall and Winter Seasons

Our Top Landscaping Tips for the Fall and Winter Seasons

Ben and Annie's Fall and Winter Landscaping Tips

November 9, 2022

No matter the season, your landscaping care should never truly stop. As we get further into the fall months and as the winter weather continuously gets closer, our team at Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow wanted to share a few of our top tips to keep your landscaping healthy throughout the holiday season. 

Lawn care

With the final few weeks of November on the horizon, now is the time to prepare your lawn for the cold winter weather that is steadily approaching. In order to ensure that your lawn is ready to take on the drop in temperatures, the first thing you will want to put on your to-do list is giving your entire yard a little extra fertilizer to ensure that it is full of the nutrients it needs to get through the upcoming winter months. While you will want to make sure that you give your lawn enough fertilizer to get it through the winter months, this isn’t always what you want to do with your other plants. During the winter months, these plants naturally enter a dormant stage, and if you give them more fertilizer, you are essentially pushing them to continue expending energy to grow—which could lead to much more damage in the future.

While this is the most important item you’ll want to check off your list, there are a few additional steps you can take to ensure that your lawn is flourishing when spring rolls back around. During the autumn season, lawn root systems are incredibly active and constantly growing and developing. When you keep up with raking your lawn on a regular basis, you are protecting your lawn from the leaves essentially suffocating the grass and delaying growth in the spring.  

Irrigation & drainage

Preparing your landscaping to ensure that the iIrrigation and drainage is ready for winter is another main item you’ll want to add to your list. This portion of your lawn care is perfect to take care of during the fall months before the freezing temperatures make their way to the area, and by using a system that uses highly pressurized air to blow out any of the water already sitting in the pipes, you’ll ensure that you are protecting them from freezing and cracking during this time. 

The fall months are also the ideal time for homeowners to spot any problem areas that aren’t draining properly. During the hot, summer months, the soil around your home can become extremely dry and compacting—and when the rainy fall season arrives, you can sometimes see a few areas in particular that seem to be pooling water around your yard. When you spot these problem areas, you know that there are items in your current draining system that need to be improved. One way to help with this is to install drain rock strips around your home as this can lessen the amount of water that runs off from your home’s downspouts.

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