Who We Are—The Story Behind Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow

Who We Are—The Story Behind Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow

The Story Behind Ben and Annie's Trees for Tomorrow

November 2, 2022

The idea for Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow first began when our founder, Bryan Mendenhall, had been working with his new home construction company, Weston Dean Custom Homes, throughout the Greater Texas Hill Region and wanted to find a way to ensure that his construction work was not negatively impacting the trees and the land that he was building on. That idea quickly grew into a non-profit organization that is constantly working to promote sustainable development through cleaner air and vibrant public spaces—and as the years have continued to go by, our incredible team and our amazing partners have been able to uphold that vision and grow even more.  

Understanding our mission

Bryan Mendenhall had a passion for creating beautiful homes in the Texas Hill Country for community members who had always wanted to create the home of their dreams. As the demand for new construction homes continued to grow throughout the greater regions of San Antonio, New Braunfels, Boerne and Bulverde areas, it quickly became more difficult than ever to build these projects without displacing the trees that were previously on the land in the process. 

Wanting to find a way to provide a solution for this, Bryan created Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow, named after his two children, and began working to reverse this incidental destruction by vowing to plant more trees in the communities that Weston Dean Custom Homes was building in and creating partnerships with other builders and developers within the area to make a voluntary commitment to replant trees as they go as well. Through this collaboration we hope to not only replace trees directly affected by new home construction and neighborhood developments, but to learn how to better contribute to local conservation efforts. We are constantly seeking out new groups and individuals to partner with us and invite any builders, developers, contractors, landscapers and government officials to join our cause and help make Central Texas a cleaner and safer place to live for all of its residents. 

Educating our communities

At Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow, while our goal is to replant the trees that are disrupted during the homebuilding process, we are also working to create beautiful new parks and greenspaces and educating the public about the long-term efforts of growth and production and why they are so important when thinking about the future we want to build for future generations. We love being able to share our own knowledge to our community members about the importance of trees in urban areas, ways to lower your environmental impact, our top tips for caring for your home trees during every season and so much more. With the work that we are doing, and the relationships we are building along the way—we are incredibly excited about what the future holds. 

Partnering with us

At Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow, our team has grown throughout the years due to the commitment and dedication of each individual who wants to help make a difference within the community they love. If you’d like to learn more about what we do at Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow and the ways that you can help, either by partnering with us or by donating to our mission—give us a call at (210) 670-5297 or fill out our online form today.