Top 5 Plants to Add Color to Your Yard This Fall

Top 5 Plants to Add Color to Your Yard This Fall

Ben and Annie's Recommended Autumnal Plants

September 14, 2022

It can easily be said that the fall season brings with it stunning scenery changes across the entire region, and what better way to update your own home landscape this year than by incorporating the beautiful colors of autumn throughout your space? 

At Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow, our goal has always been to plant more trees throughout our communities in order to promote sustainable development—and to encourage others to do the same. With the fall season quickly approaching, this is the ideal time to add some new natural decor to your garden as well as further help your community by bringing cleaner air to the neighborhood—so read on to see which plants can best update your space and how to care for them

Sugar Maple

The Sugar Maple trees make a beautiful addition to any outdoor landscaping plans during the fall season as well as any other. The key to a healthy Sugar Maple tree is to ensure that it’s not overcrowded so it has plenty of room for root growth. This tree can reach anywhere between 60 and 75 feet in height and it prefers to be planted in full sunlight. As it’s growing, watch and see throughout the fall months how the deep green leaves change into the beautiful reds, oranges and yellows of the season.   

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Next up is the Oakleaf Hydrangea, and this shrub is especially popular throughout the region of Northern Texas. All year round, this shrub will act as a beautiful addition to your yard space as you will see the pristine white flowers bloom throughout the summer months before effortlessly changing into the stunning fall foliage we’re used to seeing when the weather begins to cool. These shrubs prefer to be safely tucked away in the shade, so it’s best to plant them at the base of larger, shade trees to keep them healthy for as long as possible. 


Much like the Oakleaf Hydrangeas, Dogwoods offer beautiful flower-like blooms during the summer months before switching their tune and showing off a beautiful red leaf color during the fall. On average, Dogwoods can grow to around 25 feet in height and do best when they are planted in partial sunlight and shade. 

Burning Bush

It wouldn’t be a complete fall planting list if we didn’t mention the Burning Bush. This beautiful shrub has a color as vibrant as its name when the fall months come around. For the best fall colors to be seen, plant this shrub where it can see the full sunlight that the region is known for and watch how the bush seems to glow throughout your landscaping. 

Smoke Bush

Last on our list is the Smoke Bush, and when you add this shrub into your fall landscape rotation, you’ll be adding an even wider variety to your already colorful space. With gorgeous yellows and purplish-red hues to be seen, your yard will surely be the talk of the neighborhood. The bush can reach anywhere from 8-20 feet in height and prefers either full or partial sunlight in order for it to thrive.

Bringing beauty to our neighborhoods

When it comes to creating a healthier environment throughout our neighborhoods, there are so many small things we can do that make a larger impact. If you’d like to know more about the incredible work our team at Ben & Annie’s Trees for Tomorrow is doing throughout our communities or if you’re interested in becoming a partner—give us a call at (210) 670-5297 or fill out our online form today